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1.Rony Angel Adjustable Kneeling chair RL-421
2.Banto Swivel Kneeling chair RL-435A
3.Angle Adjustable Kneeling chair RL-460
4.Stero Kneeling chair RL-423
5.Beury Studio Kneeling chair RL-420 
6.Missy Studio Chair
7.Bar Stool RL-383
8.Bar Stool RL-170
9.Bar Stool RL-1137
10.AmierExecutive Chair RL-566
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1.Rony Angle Adjustable Kneeling chair RL-421 

"I bought the Rony kneeling chair as I don't sit correctly in my old office chair and have noticed an increase in lower back pain recently.  Rony kneeling chair does help me to sit straight up. I am seariously recommending this model."
                                                                    - Cherry Walsh, WA Australia

2.Banto Swivel Kneeling chair RL-435

"My daughter loves her new chair. No more back pain!! Great product, great seller"
                                                                     -Aqua, NSW Australia

3.Angle Adjustable Kneeling chair RL-460 

"I can never sit for long after giving birth to my daughter for I had low back pain. This amazing kneeling chair is the only chair that I can sit for long hours.  If you have a backache problem, this is the chair that you should try."
                                                                      -Ann Mollar, Australia

4.Stero Kneeling chair RL-423

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